Meet The Pack

Someone once said that Lappies are like Pringles - once you've had one you just can't stop - they weren't wrong.

Mylo was about 9 months when I started considering a second Lapphund however when I made my wish public knowledge I was firmly put in my place and told to wait to Mylo was at least 2 before getting a second Lapphund so I resigned myself to enjoying the next year with Mylo whilst at the same time looking forward to the opportunity of getting a second.

A few weeks later, and totally out of the blue I got an email, ironically from one of those advising me to wait, asking if I might be interested in having one of her puppies - after thinking about it for a nano-second I wrote back with a "yes please" - a year to the day after Mylo entered out lives Kiva (TabanyaRuu Hyppia) came to join us.


Kiva joining us also saw a change in career as when she was just over 6 months we were asked by the owner of Zack, one of her litter mates, if we could look after him when they went on holiday; Dogs to Stay was born.  There have been days where we have had as many as 5 Lappies in the house, and over the past 38 years we have had over 50 different Lapphunds stay with us - so yes, Lapphunds are a little like Pringles, you really can't stop at 1.

Kiva has been mated three times and we were fortunate that we decided to keep a bitch, Sassi, from her second litter with a view to possibly breeding from her in the future - however  due to health reasons this was not to be (more).

To find out more about Mylo please click here, to find out more about Kiva click here, click here to find out about Sassi and here to find out about our guests.

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